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Sellers Market

A number of factors that result in a seller’s market include: Low interest rates, a strong economy, lack of saleable sought after inventory. The first two of these factors are easily identifiable. The last factor is much more subjective.

So let’s dive into the subject of inventory. Don’t be fooled by homes that are on the market year after year with price drops that still do not bring buyers. Those homes will remain until the price drops to or below market value. Typically those homes require repairs or general updating or the location is not ideal. These types of homes are present in a buyers or sellers market. True turn key hoes that have been updated or are in a desirable part of town in a sellers market will not last long on the market and tend to bring in a higher sales price. Primarily sellers want to maximize price, a sellers market is a prime opportunity for those folks. Those hoes do not require a long than normal marketing time as long as they are priced right in the market.

A couple of tips to help make your home a true turn-key:

A fresh coat of neutral paint on interior rooms or atleast a good cleaning.
De-clutter as much as possible.
Keep the home clean and presentable.
Maintain the exterior, keep the grass cut.

Be ready to time the market. Looking to sell this year? Be ready for the first spring buyers, use the winter months to prepare to sell.


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